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Vietnam History Timeline

America spent nearly $165 billion on the war. 58,000 Americans died, and hundreds of thousands were wounded, some even permanently paralyzed. Over 2 million Vietnamese (north, south, civilians alike) died as a result of the war.
In 1966 president Johnson believed that the US was strong and prosperous enough to stop the aggression. But the war was contaminating his administration and slowly suffocating the other plans of the president.
American and Vietnamese People took part in Vietnam War
AK47, M16, Chinook helicopter, Helicopter used by the American Military for insertion of troops into combat areas and for evacuating the wounded. Also used for longer trips and to hold larger numbers. But much slower and not as maneuverable as the hui.
The Tet offensive was a massive attack by the North Vietnamese on the lunar new year of Tet. They planned to attack while the United States and the South Vietnamese were least expecting it. They planned extensive attacks ont the border areas, to draw ARVN (army of the republic of Vietnam)troops away from their real targets: Saigon, and other important cities and other key areas. They also hoped for a general uprising by the South Vietnamese people against the Southern government
Although Johnson pledged that "We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves" And called Vietnam a "Damn little pissant country" he is a central figure in the US involvement in Vietnam. Several theories tell the story.
Ngo Dinh Diem was appointed prime minister, with Bao Dai as president as a result of the Geneva accords. Vietnam was split along the 17th parallel into 2 countries: North and South Vietnam. During the separation, 860 thousand fled to South Vietnam from the north and 50 thousand from south to north.
Vietnam was split into two in 1954, as part of the Geneva accords. It had a communist government in the north, and a democratic south. A series of events led up to a full scale war between the two countries which included not only the Vietnamese, but people from America, Australia, and other nations.
Vietnamese were no happier living under French domination than they had been under the Chinese. In 1893, Emperor Ham Nghi and Phan Dinh Phung organised a royalist movement, Can Voung staged an unsuccessful uprising at Ha Tinh. The Can Vuong movement lasted until one of the leaders was killed by a traitor.
In 1792, Nguyen Hue suddenly died. His son, Quang Toan, succeeded the throne at the age of 11. Being a child, he was unable to rule the court properly. Neither could he curb the rising threat by Nguyen Anh. Nguyen Anh resisted against the Tay Son brothers and extended control over the country with the aid of a French missionary, Monsignor Pigneau de Behaine, Bishop of Adran.
The oppressed people found a new leader in Le Loi, a man renowned for his courage and generosity. Under the title Prince of Pacification, he organised a resistance movement against China. He managed to drive out the invaders and restoring the country.

Le Qui Ly(Ho Qui Ly) , a minister of the court took advantage of his aunt's marriage to the king. He usurped the throne from the Trans in 1400 and changed the name of the country into Dai Ngu. The capital was in Tay Do(Thanh Hoa).
An ambitious commoner, Tran Canh, married the Ly Dynasty's last queen, Chieu Hoang. He shrewdly plotted and manoeuvred his way to power and finally founded the Tran Dynasty. During this period, Buddhism, which had become predominant under the Ly Dynasty continued to play an important role, but it was subsequently weakened by co-existence with Confucianism, Taoism and various other popular beliefs and customs.
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