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Sapa is not only famous for its natural beauty and landscapes, cool and fresh air, Sapa is best known for specialties. Sapa cuisine mirrors the country’s cultural and ethnic diversity.
Winter weather will not stop you coming to the new land, but on the contrary, it will bring the experiences interesting and new.
Some very useful experience for your reference before travel to Cat Ba, Halong, Vietnam. Experience about traveling by car train… , hotel reservation, the restaurant at Cat Ba or find places to visit, rent ship to visit Lan Ha Bay …
Sport diving is no stranger to European countries, the United States. But only 5 years, It appeared in Nhatrang – Muine – Phuquoc – Hoian. Many visitors were very interested in this form of tourism, by diving deep into the ocean, capture great images with coral reefs and abundance of marine life. It is really very attractive.
Booking tours online as well as booking airline tickets online, it is becoming very popular. It is fast way with low cost and is widely used.
Sapa, Vietnam is one of the most wonderful places for tours and holidays in Vietnam. Sapa trekking tours are comprise from 1 to 9 days of trekking to villages in Sapa. Trekking tours in Sapa offer great choice from easy to adventure or mountain climbing in Sapa. If you are looking for an adventure trekking holiday in Vietnam, Sapa is definitely a great choice for you.
Are you interested in exploring, adventure, enjoying life with fun things. Have you ever had Vietnam adventure tours by bike (Vietnam Biking Tours) ? Now, let’s learn more with Huong Viet Travel
Traveling to Cat Ba ( Halong ): Cat Ba beach tourism 2013 – you will be discovered the beauty of nature and the wonderful seafood dishes that still taste the sea.
Travel tips in Halong – Ha Long is one of the 7 wonders of the new world. It is a large attraction for local and foreign tourists who coming to travel (adventure or sightseeing …). Now, let’s learn some information about Halong Tourism with Huong Viet Travel.
Have you decided where to go during the summer vacation 2013? Vietnam beach tour ? discover islands in Vietnam ? sightseeing or adventure tour ? if you can not decide so you can read Huong Viet‘s article. Hopefully it will be helpful for your choice.
Let’s Discovery the seductive tourism beaches in Vietnam with Huong Viet Travel – Don’t have the beauty of the blue sea, white sand, but the scent of fruit, mysterious black sand which made Mui Nai “attract” many foreign tourists coming to Vietnam.
Adventure in Lai Chau, Vietnam with Huong Viet Travel you can discover the land where has beautiful caves, the steep mountain pass, the waterfall nestled in the woods …
The beautiful beaches, with golden sun, white sand of Vietnam tourism is always hard to resist with tourists both domestic and foreign.
Summer is coming and the beach is the top choice of many tourists when going to Vietnam during this time. But do you know about the best beaches in Vietnam? OK, let’s discover about the most beautiful beaches in VietNam with Huong Viet Travel
Easy, convenient, anytime, anywhere and for everyone which is the advantage of trekking ( hiking ) tour. However, you need to understand the information fully before going. It will be very useful for your health. Now, Let’s Learn some hiking tips with Huong Viet Travel.
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