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Capital: Hoa Binh
Location: North Western
Area: 4,662.5 km2
Population: 803,300
Density: 172.3/km2
Ethnicities: Kinh, Muong, Thai, Tay, Dao
Calling code: 018
Da Bac, Mai Chau, Ky Son, Cao Phong, Luong Son, Kim Boi, Tan Lac, Lac Son, Lac Thuy, Yen Thuy.
General Information
Hoa Binh Province is a mountainous province in north western Vietnam. It borders Phu Tho Province and Son La Province to the northwest, Ha Tay Province to the north and northeast, Ha Nam Province to the east, Ninh Binh Province to the south and Thanh Hoa Province to the south. The topography is combined by mountains and narrow valleys.
The province of Hoa Binh was created in June 22, 1886 following the decree of Tonkin with the name Muong Province, splitting Muong majority areas from Hung Hoa Province, Son Tay Province, Ha Noi Province and Ninh Binh Province. The province was administered from Cho Bo (in Da Bac) hence it was also known as Cho Bo Province, until it November of the same year, it was relocated to Phuong Lam district (today in Bat B?t district, Ha Tay province). In April 1888 it was renamed to Phuong Lam Province, by the French colonial authorities. On March 18, 1891 the Governor-General of French Indochina decreed that the name of the province would change to Hoa Binh Province with six districts: Luong Son, Ky Son, L?c Son, L?c Thuy, Mai Chau and Da Bac.
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