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Capital: New Sukhothai
Location: 6,596.1 km2
Area: Northern
Population: 593,264
Density: 90 /km2
Calling code
Town and Districts
 Mueang Sukhothai, Ban Dan Lan Hoi, Khiri Mat, Kong Krailat, Si Satchanalai, Si Samrong, Sawankhalok, Si Nakhon, Thung Saliam
General Information
Located in the valley of the Yom Ri, Sukhothai is one of the northern provinces of Thailand. The neighboring provinces are Phrae, Uttaradit, Phitsanulok, Kamphaeng Phet, Tak and Lampang. The name of Sukhothai can be translated as Dawn of Happiness.
Sukhothai with a name meaning dawn of happiness, was founded in the 13th century and became the kingdom's first capital, overseeing a period seen as a golden age. Thai arts and culture prospered throughout the reign of eight Sukhothai kings, including King Ramkhamhaeng, who created the Thai alphabet. Gradual decline began in 1365, with the city eventually became a subservient state to Ayutthaya.
By far the most interesting attraction in the province is the old ruined city of Sukhothai. Set in a 45-square kilometre World Heritage-listed historical park, the ruins are spread out and easily explored by bicycle. Further afield there are more ruins at Si Satchanalai and several smaller sites, but most people tend to just tour old Sukhothai. 
Sukhothai was also famed for its export of Sawankhalok pottery to much of Asia during its heyday, with a museum these days providing a glimpse into its production, the precursor to the celadon pottery Thailand is known for today.
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