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Capital: Lampang
Area: 12,534.0 km2
Population: 782,152
Density: 62 /km2
Calling code
Town and Districts
 Lampang, Mae Mo, Ko Kha, Soem Ngam, Ngao, Chae Hom, Wang Nuea, Thoen ,Mae Phrik, Mae Tha, Sop Prap, Hang Chat, Mueang Pan
General Information
Lampang is situated on the right back of Mae Nam Wang and lies 559 kilometers north of Bangkok at the junction of highways of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, with an area of 12,543 sq.kms. It is administratively divided into 13 Amphoes : Muang, Chae Hom, Hang Chat, Ko Kha , Mae Mo, Mae Phrik, Mae Tha, Ngao, Soem Ngam, Sop Prap, Thoen, Wantg Nua and Muang Pan. Lampang lays claim to two unique features: it is the sole Thai town still using colourful horse drawn carriages as a means of everyday urban transport and it claims to have the world's only training school for baby elephants. Both attractions account for the bulk of Lampang's Thai and foreign visitors.
Starting in the 7th century Lampang was part of the Dvaravati period Haripunchai kingdom of the Mon. In the 11th century the Khmer empire occupied the Lampang area, but it was King Mengrai of Lannathai who incorporated the complete Haripunchai kingdom into his kingdom in 1292. After the fall of Lannathai it was under Burmese rulership, and finally became part of Thailand in 1774.
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