Fireworks Festival 2013 Danang

Fireworks Festival 2013 in Da Nang, Vietnam

The fireworks performances of Russia, Italy, and the host – Da Nang, Vietnam gave the audience much emotion, praises the Han river with sound, light and color. It’s regrettable if you missed this program.

Fireworks Festiva 2013 in Danang
Fireworks shine by the Han River in the opening night.

At night on April 29th, 2013 Da Nang Fireworks Festival(DIFC) officially opened with three consecutive performances of teams: Khan fireworks Centre from Russia, Parente Fireworks from Italy and the host – Danang Vietnam. Sticking on the theme “Love with the Han River“, the fireworks of Russia, Italy and Vietnam gave the audiences the impression image.

After opening musical program of the fireworks festival, at the main stage which was staged on the banks of the Han River, in the eagerly awaited of thousands of spectators, at 8:30pm(in Vietnam time zone), the first series of fireworks from the riverbed flew into the sky.

Fireworks Festiva 2013 in Danang

The first performance of the Russian team named “Russian soul“. On selected music from the popular songs of Russia and the world, the performance of Khan fireworks Centre, one of the leading names of fireworks in Russia, consecutive gave the surprise for the audiences with iconic and unique fireworks. The flame light flew from the riverbed, the rains of light from the night sky.As the share of the Russian representative, before opening night, they would put their whole soul into every phase fireworks, the opening fireworks performance as the beautiful Russian soul flew into the night sky by the Han river, which gave the audience much emotional and unforgettable impression.

Fireworks Festiva 2013 in Danang
Fireworks Festiva 2013 in Danang
Fireworks Festiva 2013 in Danang

After the performance of the Russian team is the performance of the host – Da Nang, Vietnam named “Da Nang under the sun“.6 consecutive years competed with the famous fireworks names around the world, “Da Nang under the sun” team actually shown a significant step in the growth in the technical performance of the Da Nang fireworks team.With the background music is sound of monochord, the audience watched the shimmering colors on the Han River. The low-range artillery effects were shown extremely skilled.

Fireworks Festiva 2013 in Danang

At the end of opening night of DIFC 2013 is the performance of Parente Fireworks from Italy named “Emotion of the river” by Antonio Parente. With instrumental music, the performance left a deep impression to the viewers.

As described by Antonio Parente, he is the captain who thought the idea for the performance of Italy team, the fireworks performance brought the feeling like you are walking on a river both quiet and noisy with low-range fireworks performances connected to the demonstration phase of light exploding on a large scale. The Parente can completely hope to maintain topper third year in a row at DIFC.

All three performances during the opening night of the DIFC in 2013 with different styles, but all left the impression in the heart of the audience. Who will be the champion of DIFC 2013, the answer will be the closing night on April 30th, after two performances next of Tamaya Kitahara team from Japan and Melrose Pyrotechnics team from the U.S.


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