cauliflower in Moc Chau

Fields of charming napa cabbage flowers in Moc Chau

Moc Chau, a plateau of Son La Province, which is 190 kilometres northwest of Hanoi capital. It’s a favorite destination for tourists with its wildness of green land and the paradise of flowers. People often say: dairy cow + green tea + white plum = Moc Chau. In fact, it’s more and more charming.

Moc Chau

Its terrain is endowed with many steps and has fewer mountains than other highland regions of Tay Bac. Therefore, it is covered by the colorfulness of wild flowers and the greenness of grasslands as the climate is warmer and more comfortable and does not suffer severe chills as the winter of Tay Bac.

Against the green color of the forest, hills of napa cabbage flowers look outstanding. All appear in tourists’ eyes with valleys overwhelmed by the endless whiteness of flowers, and winding roads to the village entice tourists step into the village as the legendary garden. Amidst limitless whiteness, radiant smiles of children who are striking with sunburned skin and weird costumes, making the land lively and full of breathes of life. Stilt houses lie obediently in valleys, halfway up mountains. The daily life there is so simple, peaceful as well as colorful.

It has enchanted many toursits, espeacially, youngsters. Young people from Ha Noi and neighboring provinces flocked here during the New Year holiday to take pictures.

Coming to Moc Chau, tourists don’t forget to enjoy Moc Chau milk. Milk in Moc Chau also has different taste which is cool, sweet and greasy. Chau Moc love market is also interesting. It is as nice as a picture with various colors of Mong people’s clothes, like a nice flower forest.

Visiting Moc Chau, espeacially, in spring, toursits will surely be surprised by the picturesque landscapes and peaceful life and can not resist wallowing in nature.

Moc Chau is fresh and primitive, giving travelers a chance to escape the bustling and hustling urban life. A simple journey to nature to find stillness and balance for your soul after stresses of daily life. A paradise wait for you discover in Vietnam tour. Now is the best time to do this!

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