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Travel to Cat Ba, Halong, Vietnam : Experience for you

Some very useful experience for your reference before travel to Cat Ba, Halong, Vietnam. Experience about traveling by car train… , hotel reservation, the restaurant at Cat Ba or find places to visit, rent ship to visit Lan Ha Bay …

Catba Island

1. Move

Travel by private car: From Hanoi, you go straight to Hai Phong city. You ask the way to go to the Dinh Vu station then go to Cat Hai, Cat Ba by ferry. Ferries run from 5am to 5pm

Travel by the Hoang Long car: the car comes from Luong Yen station, package tour to Cat Ba town, package fare about 200.000 VNĐ / customer includes vehicles and ship ticket.

You can also go by train to Hai Phong then come to Binh station to buy the speed boat tickets to Cat Ba. Time from 8am to 1h pm.

Currently, if you travel from Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang, you can refer to go to the Hai Phong airport by plane then take a taxi to Binh dock and coming to Cat Ba by high speed boat.

Halong Bay

2. Where ?

There are many hotels and resorts in Cat Ba to choose. Room rates in Cat Ba vary from time to time, especially on holidays or weekends. Therefore, you should book a room at least 2 weeks to get the best price. If you are hurry, you can book a room through a travel agent and the price will not change much.

The tourist hotels are appreciated: Catba Island Resort, Sunrise Resort, Resort Monkey Island Resort, Sea Pearl hotel, Hung Long hotel, Holiday View …

When booking you should always transfer deposits, get booking, getting money clear to hold the room definitely.

Catba Island

3. Play ?

Swimming at the beach

In the summer, most visitors to Cat Ba to swim and bath at the beach. In Cat Ba has Cat Co 1 beach and Cat Co 2 beach (from the center of town about 1 km) where the most people go there to bath because of two spacious beach and white sands. Also, you can swim in Cat Co 3 beach or have a new beach, Tung Thu beach. However, Tung Thu beach has no waves as the other beaches because of surrounding islands.

If you want to explore more, you should hire boats to visit Lan Ha Bay and swimming at the sandy beach in the bay or bathing in Monkey Island. Here, the water is pure and not crowded as the beaches in Cat Ba town.

Visiting Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located south of the bay. At first glance, Lan Ha Bay looks like Halong Bay. However, Lan Ha Bay has things that Bay Ha Long hasn’t. In the bay, you can see some small islands in the foothills. Here, you can roam on the sand or swimming in the pristine sandy beaches. In the Lan Ha Bay is famous Van Gia village, where hundreds of families living in the house is built on the float and real village has existed for hundreds of years.

Walking on the beach at night

You can rent electric cars, bicycles or motorcycles to run along the beach of city, breathe fresh air. Bicycles for 4 people to sit 30.000VND/hour price. However this weekend, you can just walk. Some visitors prefer strolling along the mountain road that connecting 3 main beaches at night to feel the cold of the sea at night.

Visiting Monkey Island

Monkey Island

Here, There are a lot of funny monkeys, are suitable for guest groups that have children. At Monkey Island also has Cat Dua beach that is one of the nicest beaches of Cat Ba Island.

In addition, you can also Visit Cat Ba National Park, the caves, Viet Hai Village, Climbing, Scuba diving and see coral (Halong diving tour) or View from the Than Cong fort …

4. Eat ?

In Cat Ba, Seafood is rich, fresh especially Geoduck Clam was successfully bred on the island. Also, specialty woods are tasty and attractive too.

Catba - Halong

Horseshoe Crab: The featured dish with taste the sea that is not only delicious but also unique, natural origin, always ensure freshness

Song fish: The fish lives in the warm waters, the Pacific region has 37 species. In Vietnam there are about 30 species, including many species of high economic value.

Halong Bay And Catba Island Vacation (4 days)

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