Bai Dinh pagoda

Panorama of the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia

Bai Dinh pagoda (Ninh Binh) have massive architectural complex, located on the campus of 700 hectares with 20 items and holds many records in Vietnam.

Bai Dinh pagoda

The construction started in 2004, to mid-2008, Bai Dinh pagoda inaugurated the first stage and expected complete the temple in 2015. Not only is it the largest temple in Vietnam but also is considered the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia.

This is a large temple and owns a lot of record in Vietnam. In 2010, Bai Dinh pagoda hosts celebration procession first relics from India to Vietnam.

Bai Dinh pagoda

The architecture of temple’s roof is divided into 3 floors dark brown, 3 curved roofs rose like phoenix tail, the traditional Vietnamese architecture, you can be found in the Hue palace or the ancient pagoda.

Bai Dinh pagoda

Bronze Buddha statue, weighing 80 tons which seated on top the hill of Bai Dinh pagoda and was recognized as the largest Buddha statue in the Vietnam by ( Vietkings ). This is one of five new record of Bai Dinh Pagoda.

Bai Dinh pagoda's tower

Bai Dinh pagoda’s tower has 13 stories and is being built. This is considered the highest pagoda’s tower in Southeast Asia

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