Cát bà

Cat Ba beach tourism 2013

Traveling to Cat Ba ( Halong ): Cat Ba beach tourism 2013 – you will be discovered the beauty of nature and the wonderful seafood dishes that still taste the sea.

Cát bà

Summer is so hot , sitting in the room with air conditioning but still feel discomfort. While I was sitting glumly in the room, my friend invited me to travel to Cat Ba with tour of Huong Viet Travel. I agreed. Coming to Cat Ba beach in summer, it is really very interesting

Cát bà

After 3 hours in the car, We have arrived in Ha Long-Tuan Chau. Wind blow gently from sea, salt salty that dispel heat, sweltering. Later, coming to Cat Ba Island by ship, At this time, It’s sunny and sea was sapphires blue… It’s the first time we came to the new world wonder, Ha Long heritage. We feel romantic and wistfulness.

Coming to Cat Ba, we stay at hotel that we can view the sea and rest after a long journey. Later, we visited Lan Ha Bay, stunning bay with rocks that be scattered around, blue water. The fun guide introduction about the bay history and entertainment activities.

Cát bà

In the afternoon, the sunset over the sea is very beautiful, we ate seafood and watched the brilliant sunset.

Night on Cat Ba Island is quite uproarious but It will be silent when time is over 23 pm.

The next morning, we went to visit Cat Ba National Park. Early morning, it’s very cool, fresh air. Later, Climbing the tower, visit Cat Hai Bungalow, cycling around the foot of the mountain.

After 03 days traveling and visit Cat Ba Island, Halong Bay, breathe the sea breeze, we left the island and returned home.

Cát bà

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