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Adventure tours in Vietnam by bike

Are you interested in exploring, adventure, enjoying life with fun things. Have you ever had Vietnam adventure tours by bike (Vietnam Biking Tours) ? Now, let’s learn more with Huong Viet Travel

biking tour

When thinking about traveling by bike, many people will think about the difficult and weariness. But with people who love to explore, experience the exciting life, adventure by bike is not uncommon, many people can participate in the journey through Vietnam by bike. If you can not participate in the arduous journey, you can join the short adventure trip, around where you live.

To participate in the exciting journey that you need to have some experience adventure travel by bike. Let’s travel Vietnam to learn about the slopes, the heat, the rain in forest, the problems in journey when conquer new land by the iron horse. It will be less weariness and more wonderful when you leave the luggage and backpack.

If you are interested in conquer but being the first time to travel in Vietnam by mountain bike, you can choose paved road, sometimes the road is not completely flat, but you can still cycle easily to enjoy the scenery, or explore the cultural life of the region.

biking tour

If you are the professional steering, you should choose gravel roads as journey Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sa Pa – Lai Chau (Adventure in Lai Chau, Vietnam. Experience for you). Journey to conquer new lands of the country that always attracted and attractive such as: Ham Pig, Thung Nai, Ho Nui Coc, Hai Van Pass …

Along the way you may encounter situations very often but you need to be really calm. Sometimes it is the technical problems as brake wear, tire burst, curved bent rim … so you must bring things that you can use to repair in the personal baggage.

Especially from health problems is one thing you should attention specialy. Cycling needs to use a lot of power and sometimes you can be cramps, sunstroke …

biking tour

Add a special note, you can easily get lost if you followed the interesting things that you discover, or simply forget the way to the hotel with the group.

At such times, you need to come to the nearest member and do not ever forget mobile phones.

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